Born and raised in Puerto Rico, Manuel is a Graphic Design Major and Art History Minor graduate from Loyola University New Orleans with experience in motion, print design and printmaking, social media, interactive design, 3D; among other things. For the past two years Manuel has worked as an Associate Post and Design at Gusto Moving Pictures creating film posters, decks, title cards, informational booklets, and promotional material for a number of both released and Work In Progress Documentaries. He has also served as a Social Media Specialist for Martin's, a family-owned wine, spirits, and gourmet food shop in New Orleans.

Manuel is interested in the not so obvious solutions to problems and wants to use design in a way that can help others and innovate change. He thinks Design can serve as both; a fine art and a tool that can help guide positive change in the world. He draws influences from the DIY Punk Scene, Hip Hop, Underground Rave Culture, Internet Culture, Adult Swim, Vintage Magazines, Anime, Film, Music, Video Games, Found Footage, and his Puerto Rican Heritage. His designs are as eclectic as his interests.

When he isn't designing, you can find Manuel catching up with his favorite movies and shows, collecting records and books, skating, watching Seinfeld or Curb Your Enthusiasm, taking care of his adorable cat, and using any excuse he can get to talk about Neon Genesis Evangelion.
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